Open Spaces Suck

Jun 1, 2019 18:02 · 226 words · 2 minute read

Open layouts are the worst. They make literally no sense at all. Why do our employers feel obliged to make us work in a zoo-like environment?

How are we supposed to get any valuable work done? An open space is only as quiet as the least quiet person at any given moment, which means that it’s noisy all the time.

In addition to the audio pollution, visual distraction is also everywhere. Unless you glue your eyes to your monitor, your monkey brain will be assaulted with things to pay attention to.

The people that came up with open spaces could not have been engineers, I refuse to believe it. How are we supposed to hold complex abstractions and stack levels in our head, or design systems with complex constraints.

Do you remember being in college and being so focused on something that you would look up and realize hours had passed? I haven’t felt that once in my professional career in open spaces.

They’re so cool when you’re young, or if you want to socialize instead of working, but they don’t make any fucking sense!

The only value they have, I think, is being economical, and giving executives the completely misguided idea that their employees “collaborate” more.

Unbelievably, I get jealous when I see “dystopian 90s” cubicles in old movies like The Matrix or Office Space.

The Matrix